Maureen Jessica Gaba

2017 Fellowship Alumna, Benin

You’re the Change You Want to See, Says One Young Leader in Benin

I wanted to make sure these women’s voices were heard. I wanted them to have access to resources; I wanted to keep them empowered.”

Maureen Jessica Gaba, 2017 Fellowship Alumna, Benin
Close-up shot of a woman holding a wallet

Maureen Jessica Gaba, 2017 Fellowship Alumna from Benin, is an assistant in the Ministry of Digital Economy and Communication in Benin and is using mobile banking to empower women across the state. Maureen sees mobile banking as a means to empower women to manage not only their finances, but also their schedules and lives.

In this YALI Network blog post, Maureen offers advice for other young entrepreneurs providing training sessions and organizing educational events.

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