Abdel-Samad Issifou

2021 Fellow from Togo

Abdel-Samad Issifou has nine years of experience as an English teacher and is an active proponent of sustainable development in his community. He volunteers and occupies leadership positions with various civic organizations because he believes in the power of volunteering to strengthen communities. As the vice president of the Volunteers Blood Donors' Association and as a coach with Club 25, Abdel-Samad promotes blood donation and responsible living within the youth community. He is also a first aid volunteer with the Togolese Red Cross Association, and an advocate for girls' education and youth empowerment. He volunteers as a sports teacher in a public school and co-hosts an English radio program to promote the English language and support the Togolese English Teachers Organization. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Abdel-Samad would like to open an educational and cultural center in his hometown to empower youth.

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