Engage with the next generation of African leaders! 

A Fellow and potential partner converse during a networking event.
Partners can engage Fellows during Institutes, the Summit, PDEs, and more.

In partnership with the private sector, host country governments, international and regional bodies, and civil society organizations, the U.S. Government is building a wide spectrum of high-impact opportunities, available both in the United States and in Africa, for Mandela Washington Fellows and Reciprocal Exchange Participants to utilize and hone their skills. 

Many local and multinational corporations, NGOs, universities, and regional institutions have become partners and are directly supporting the Mandela Washington Fellowship by hosting Fellows, collaborating with them on new initiatives in the United States and Africa, and offering access to grants, financing, mentoring, and other professional development opportunities.  Leveraging the resources, networks, and skills of private partners deeply enriches the program’s objectives by helping to identify promising young leaders and providing opportunities for Fellows to accelerate their growth and leadership trajectories. 

By partnering with the Mandela Washington Fellowship, you can: 

  • Invest in the next generation of young African leaders who are rapidly shaping the continent’s future. 
  • Reinforce the Fellowship’s commitment to an enduring partnership between the United States and Africa. 
  • Help young African leaders develop skills and networks to build their countries and communities. 
  • Increase mutual understanding between Americans and counterparts from African nations. 

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Organizations can: 

Individuals can:  

  • Host Mandela Washington Fellows for meals, cultural, and social activities during the Leadership Institutes in the United States.
  • Participate in networking events with the Fellows to share expertise and develop collaborations.
  • Collaborate with Fellowship Alumni on a Reciprocal Exchange.
  • Read applications for the Mandela Washington Fellowship selection process.
  • Review profiles in the Fellowship Directory and reach out via LinkedIn to collaborate.

U.S. colleges and universities can: 

If you are interested in working with the Fellowship in the United States or in Africa, please contact mwfellowship@irex.org for more information.