Mandela Washington Fellowship Summit

A woman in traditional dress smiles at a crowd, looking off-camera. She is seated on a stage.
Pamela Mate, 2017 Fellowship Alumna from Namibia, speaks on a panel at the 2017 Summit.

At the conclusion of the Leadership Institutes, all Fellows participate in the annual Mandela Washington Fellowship Summit, where Fellows, guests from U.S. Government agencies, and representatives of businesses and organizations with interest in Africa engage in high-level sessions and workshops.  This culminating event is an opportunity for Fellows to build the foundations of long-term partnerships with American professionals and each other and make plans to continue their leadership journey after their Fellowships.   

The Summit includes:

  • U.S. Government Engagement | Speakers from various U.S. Government agencies join the Fellows to engage on key policy and economic issues and make plans for future collaboration. 
  • Partnership Expo | Representatives from the U.S. Government, private sector, and civil society showcase their work in Africa and explore opportunities for future collaboration with the Fellows.
  • Ignite Talks | One Fellow from each Leadership Institute presents a three- to five-minute TED Talk-style presentation. The Ignite Talks are designed to provide a platform for Fellows to share the work they are doing or plan to do in their home countries or to share their thoughts on an issue of importance to them.
  • Discussion Meet-Ups | Fellows participate in small group conversations to discuss practical ways to address common challenges.  Each group is facilitated by a Fellow and may include one or two Americans working in the field, and each covers a different topic.  
  • Networking | Fellows have the opportunity throughout the Summit to meet with each other and with American guests to spark new ideas and collaborations.  
  • Fellow Action Planning | Fellows refine their Leadership Development and Action Plans (LDAPs) by sharing and receiving feedback from Fellow Alumni and each other.  Fellows also learn about the Alumni opportunities available to them from the U.S. Department of State and affiliated partners.  

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