Aimonia Henriqueta Gomes Cabral


Cohort: 2017

Country: Guinea-Bissau

Aimonia Henriqueta Gomes Cabral has over five years of experience in the telecommunication sector, specifically in interconnection and roaming coordination. Currently, Aimonia is a Co-founder of and a mentor at Innovalab, where she helps young people develop their start-ups. She is also a part of the choir of Cathedral de Bissau and member of Parish Women's Community, working on edification of the faith and the strengthening faith in the youth. Aimonia holds a master's degree in Accounting and Finance. Aimonia is motivated by the natural resources that her country has. She hopes to contribute to the reduction of the unemployment rate in the country by creating local businesses with durability. Upon completion of Mandela Washington Fellowship, Aimonia plans on continue her work of facilitating start-ups through mentoring, an wished to expand her service to then entire island and country.