Alhaji Chernoh Osman Abdal Timbo

2015 Fellow from Sierra Leone

Timbo has practiced as a lawyer for almost seven years. Previously, he worked as a legal aid lawyer providing free legal advice, assistance, and representation to indigent persons in Sierra Leone. Presently, he works as the legal adviser in the office of the President's Public Private Partnership Unit where he advises the government on PPP investment opportunities, and drafts and negotiate contracts on behalf of the government. Outside of his professional life, Timbo is passionate about youth development and participation and believes that the bedrock for the sustained development of his nation is through youth involvement and education. He is a youth leader, commands the respect of the young, loves politics, and sees his future in public administration. Timbo is holds of a Master's degree in law from the University of London and upon his return from the Fellowship, intends to focus on improving education and hygiene for the young.

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