Alieu Jallow

2015 Fellow from The Gambia

Alieu Jallow founded the Young Entrepreneurs Association in 2012 to improve young Gambians' entrepreneurial capacities and move them from being job seekers to job providers. He has over three years' experience initiating, designing, and implementing robust business support services. He is currently project manager at the American Chamber of Commerce where he is working to setup the first startup incubator. His end goal is to help build the next generation of entrepreneurs in the Gambia and he holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of the Gambia. He also volunteers as the coordinator for Generation Change Gambia, American Corner's, and Partnership in Employment. His interests include engaging with fellow Gambian youth to explore entrepreneur focused opportunities. Upon completion of the Fellowship, Alieu plans to continue his work in entrepreneurship development with a focus on trainings, capacity building, access to finance, and business support services.

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