Amadú Djamanca

2018 Fellow from Guinea-Bissau

Amadú Djamanca is a journalist and media technician with over eleven years of experience. As a journalist, he informs and educates the public on issues concerning daily life. He currently works for TGB, the Guinea-Bissau public television station, as an editor, journalist, and news anchor of the O GUIGUI (The Guinean, in English) program, which is focuses on sociocultural issues. He also worked as the program director, formulating content and creating a 24/7 network. He coordinated the DOCTV and FICTV competitions, an initiative of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP). Today, he is coordinator of CPLP audiovisual program. He also worked for Nô Pintcha, the state newspaper, where he fell in love with journalism, following in his father's footsteps. He received a degree in Administration and Economy from University Colinas de Boé in 2012. He also took courses in Organizational Communication and Journalism at the Lusofona University of Guinea-Bissau.

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