Amara M Kamara

2024 Fellow from Liberia

Amara Kamara has over five years of experience helping to develop underserved communities in Liberia. He is particularly interested in helping rural, off-grid communities meet their energy demands through clean and sustainable energy solutions. Amara is currently the CEO of Go-Solar Fresh, an emerging social organization that distributes solar panels and lamps to increase energy access and affordability throughout Liberia. He holds a bachelor's degree in social sciences and is particularly interested in political and quantitative economics, as well as social research. Amara is currently developing cold storage technology using solar panels and a humidity sensor that can extend the shelf life of perishable goods in Liberia's agriculture industry by up to 25 days or more. His team is building a web app to help farmers connect with customers, thereby accelerating market access and reducing post-harvest losses. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Amara's hope is to establish a center for innovation that supports climate change education. The center will serve as a hub for Liberian youth to collaborate on developing mitigation measures that reduce climate risk and increase environmental sustainability.

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