Amessouwe Ines Elvire Kuassi

2018 Fellow from Benin

Amessouwé Inès Kuassi has fourteen years' experience as a journalist. Three of those years have been focused on environmental issues. Currently, Amessouwé is the CEO of Terre à Terre Benin, the first environmental communications start-up in Benin. She reports on international environmental conferences and summits and completes investigative reports in her community. She holds a master's degree in the Environment from the University of Benin and graduated as a journalist after she trained in journalism, video shooting, and editing skills in France. Amessouwé is committed to educating her community and raising awareness on health issues related to the environment through reporting on relevant stories. She believes this will engage more people and contribute to the adaptation and resilience of her country. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Amessouwé plans to continue expanding the network of sustainable environmental management in Benin.

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