Anastacia Tomson

2016 Fellow from South Africa

Anastacia Tomson is a medical doctor, author, and activist, with a focus on queer and transgender rights. She completed her medical degree at the University of Pretoria in 2009, and has six years of experience as a clinician in the public and private sector. Currently, Anastacia conducts workshops and seminars that provide sensitisation and competency training on LGBTQIA+ issues, targeting healthcare workers and mainstream society. She also produces training materials covering transgender health. Anastacia is founder of the Professional Alliance Combating Transphobia, and a Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition steering committee member. She has experience in the media, with numerous radio, TV, and magazine appearances under her belt. In addition, Anastacia maintains an active social media presence and runs a blog. Her autobiography, Always Anastacia, releases in May 2016. After completing her Fellowship, Anastacia will continue passionately fighting for transgender and LGBTQIA rights in South Africa and the region.

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