Averty Delamizere Ndzoyi

2015 Fellow from Republic of the Congo

Ndzoyi Averty Delamizere is the director and founder of the NGO, Espace Opoko, in a rural Sibiti, Congo-Brazzaville. He has over seven years of professional experience, and for three of these was head of the communication department at a mining company (MPD Congo, a subsidiary of Glencore). Averty resigned from this position to devote his life to empowering, educating and training young people in his community. Now, his mission is to provide support, skills, role models and resources to youths in the community so they can become productive and active members of the community, and country. As a strong believer in the idea of servant leadership, at the end of Mandela Washington Fellowship, Averty plans to continue his work in the community to improve living conditions and raise the level of education for students in his community.

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