Averty Delamizere Ndzoyi

2015 Fellow from Republic of the Congo

As the founder of the non-governmental organization Espace Opoko in rural Congo-Brazzaville's Sibiti region, Averty Ndzoyi is a dedicated leader with more than seven years of experience in the field. Previously, as the head of the communication department at MPD Congo, a Glencore subsidiary, Averty demonstrated a commitment to community development. After three years and motivated by a passion for empowering local youth, Averty left his corporate role to focus on community improvement.  Under his leadership, Espace Opoko covers all necessary expenses and provides comprehensive support for indigenous children from primary school through university.  Averty's commitment to servant leadership is evident in his continued efforts to improve living conditions and educational standards in his community.  One significant achievement during his tenure has been the establishment of the first boarding school for indigenous high school students. This groundbreaking initiative eliminates financial barriers, allowing indigenous children access to secondary education without the burden of expenses for food and essentials.  His long-term vision includes contributing to his country's development by becoming a legislator and advocating for inclusive policies. Averty's groundbreaking work establishes him as a trailblazer and a catalyst for positive change, significantly impacting the lives of young indigenous people in his community.

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