Billian Okoth Ojiwa

2018 Fellow from Kenya

Billian Okoth Ojiwa has over five years' experience in social entrepreneurship, focusing on mentorship and positive entertainment. Currently, Billian is the CEO of the Ficha Uchi Initiative, which provides school uniforms to underprivileged primary school children across the country. He holds a diploma in Project Management from the Kenya Institute of Management. Billian is driven by his personal experience, being born in Kenya's second largest informal settlement and going to school with tattered school uniforms. His self-esteem suffered, and he had to learn how to rebuild his self-confidence. Billian hopes to change the narrative by restoring the dignity and self-esteem of disadvantaged students. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans to expand his initiative, making sure that students in need receive uniforms, by collaborating with county governments and existing university groups.

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