Brendah Nantongo

2019 Fellow from Uganda

Brendah Nantongo has over 10 years of experience in agricultural engineering, technology and innovation, project management, and volunteerism. Her obsession with creating a better world pushes her to develop impactful initiatives that address day-to-day challenges. She is a social entrepreneur at heart, and she has been developing business-oriented solutions to help smallholder farmers make a good living from their farming activities. Such solutions include increasing primary production, diversifying commodities, and providing accessible and highly scalable agricultural processing capacity. Brendah is currently a team leader at Water Access Uganda Limited (AgNmo), a company that helps individual smallholder farming households establish and gradually increase their acreage of nutritious, high-value crops, not only to increase household incomes but also to increase the nutritional diversity of the foods they consume. She gained unique insights into not only the constraints of smallholder farming, but also the opportunities that farmers can leverage to lift themselves out of extreme poverty and prosper. As a 2019 Mandela Washington Fellow, Brendah gained valuable insights, skills, capital, and collaborations that have helped her business grow, modernize, and expand to greater heights.

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