Cheurombo Pswarayi

2019 Fellow from Zimbabwe

Cheurombo Pswarayi has more than nine years of experience as an entrepreneur. Currently, Cheurombo is the founder and chief executive officer of MedTours Africa, an organization that facilitates access to healthcare treatment for patients who cannot find it in their home countries. Cheurombo is also founder of CJV Medical Supplies, a company that provides medical supplies at affordable prices to private and public medical institutions in Zimbabwe. She is the 2020–2021 Rotary Club president of the Bridge Rotary Club of Harare, where she expresses the spirit of service above self. She also volunteers as an executive on her church board. Cheurombo holds a higher national diploma in Aircraft Maintenance and is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Law from the University of London. Cheurombo credits the Mandela Washington Fellowship, which she received in 2019, with deepening her understanding of her values and strengths and improving her leadership qualities.

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