Corine Allegra Mondoukpe Hounsou

2019 Fellow from Benin

Corine Allegra Mondoukpe Hounsou is the founder of Viva Black Cosmetics. Currently, she is working on developing a line of organic cosmetics for Black women to rediscover and embrace their true nature. Corine also runs a hair store and beauty spa where women can learn how to take care of their natural hair and skin. In addition to her degrees in Banking and Finance, Corine has completed a three-year entrepreneurial and leadership training program at the "VanDuyse Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute" (VELI) in Benin. After being accepted to the African Women Entrepreneurship Program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Benin, Corine was inspired to create her own business. She is working hard to make Viva Black one of the best organic cosmetics brands in Africa and internationally. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Corine plans to give back to her community through women and youth empowerment with "The Bamboo Project: Be Great for Africa."

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