Creesen Naicker

2014 Fellow from South Africa

Creesen Naicker is currently the director of partnerships for Curious Learning, a global non-profit dedicated to providing children the opportunity to learn to read. Focused on mother-tongue content, Curious Learning has localized and distributed free open-source content in over 50 languages. Creesen is a previous recipient of both the Brightest Young Minds Award and the Alberto Madella Award. He is also an executive director of VisionRSM Pty Ltd. in South Africa. Creesen has applied his skills to both social development and entrepreneurship, and sees social enterprises as a meaningful way to address many of the challenges in Africa. He holds an International Master in Management, Law, and Humanities from the International Centre for Sport Studies; a master's degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal; and a post-graduate certificate in Results-Based Management from the University of Witwatersrand's Graduate School of Public and Development Management.

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