Daniel Oladoja

2022 Fellow from Nigeria

Daniel Oladoja has more than five years of experience in the field of communications and environmental sustainability. Currently, Daniel is a communications and knowledge management lead at the Nigeria Climate Innovation Center, where he focuses on developing indigenous content and designing programs to accelerate the net-zero transition in Nigeria through green innovations. Before joining the Nigeria Climate Innovation Center, Daniel had gathered experience in public relations, broadcasting, and human resource development. Daniel holds a master's degree in Crop Protection and a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Sciences (Agronomy). Daniel is committed to climate justice and sustainability as a vehicle for green, resilient, and inclusive development that truly democratizes the dividends of climate wealth to the most vulnerable in Africa. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Daniel plans to focus on policy innovation, climate governance, and climate advocacy programs and partnerships that are designed to drive sustainable development in the global south.

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