David Kehinde Samuel

2019 Fellow from Nigeria

David Kehinde Samuel is a public policy practitioner working at the intersection of the public and private sector. He provides strategic leadership and guidance to support the fulfillment of the Nigerian Global Affairs Council (NIGAC)’s core objectives, which focus on policy simplification, policy design, and advocacy. In collaboration with his team, David provides the scope and direction of NIGAC's social accountability and leadership development programs. He is also a pioneering director that has established a vision for the Nirmala Chellarams Centre for Entrepreneurship Skills at the University of Lagos. David is passionate about driving policies that foster collaboration between academia and industry, and believes that academia should be the anchor providing innovative solutions for commercial and societal problems. His participation in the 2019 Mandela Washington Fellowship enhanced his zeal for public policy and public service, shaping his commitment to Nigeria and fostering his aspiration to be a federal, appointed public servant in the near future.

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