Ernest Che Ngang

2019 Fellow from Cameroon

Ernest Che Ngang has more than eight years’ experience in the field of environmental science. Currently, Ernest is founder and chief executive officer of Green Skills Africa, an organization that teaches rural communities in Cameroon life skills so that they can attain financial freedom. He is also a volunteer for Junior Chamber International, where he works in the field of personal development and community impact. He is currently partnering with LUKMEF Cameroon to improve the lives of internally displaced people. Ernest has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. A 2019 Mandela Washington Fellow, Ernest became motivated to do community development work when he saw that large numbers of unemployed people in his country lacked work skills. Having experienced unemployment himself, he knew he could help them turn their lives around. Ernest believes that the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders has helped him with several projects, including one aimed at sensitizing 5,000 people in Tiko to gender-based violence, sexual reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS and another that distributed dignity kits to 300 people. He also credits the Fellowship with the creation of the Young African Leaders Initiative Peace Academy in Cameroon, which is now in its second edition.

Ernest passed away due to complications from chronic health issues in November 2020. He will be missed by all in the YALI family.

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