Farini Toussaint

2021 Fellow from Malawi

Buunda Farini Toussaint is a humanitarian and social worker for fellow refugees and is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. He is the founder and director of Salama Africa, a refugee dance company in Malawi. Through Salama Africa, he started printing t-shirts and masks during the COVID-19 pandemic to distribute to people in the Dzaleka refugee camp and students at Jesuit Worldwide Learning. He is also teaching women in the camp decorating skills to provide an income. Salama Africa also distributes soaps and buckets to orphans and elderly people in his community. Farini has started a professional recording studio to help refugees in Dowa produce music to uplift and encourage others. Farini holds degrees from Regis University in Colorado and from Southern New Hampshire University. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Farini plans to expand the reach of Salama Africa and his other projects and to work with governments to further help refugees. He hopes one day to become a politician.

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