Fatoumatta L. Kassama

2017 Fellow from The Gambia

Fatoumatta Kassama has more than seven years’ experience as a registered nurse and ophthalmic medical assistant. Currently, Fatoumatta runs a social enterprise that provides reusable sanitary products and sexual and reproductive health education to women and adolescents in The Gambia, as well as storybooks for children. Fatoumatta hopes to promote maternal and child health, keep girls in school during menstruation, address gender-based violence, reduce waste generated by menstruation, and create jobs for youth. Fatoumatta is founder and coordinator at Eye Care for All, a community-based organization that provides free eye care services to senior citizens, orphans, prisoners, refugees, and people with mental and physical disabilities. Fatoumatta is cofounder and program manager at Prospect for Girls, a nonprofit that provides health information and empowers single mothers, orphans, refugees, and women and girls with disabilities through vocational skills training. Fatoumatta holds a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Reproductive Health from the University of The Gambia. A 2017 Mandela Washington Fellow, she is committed to seeing that underprivileged people in The Gambia receive equal access to health care, high-quality education, and jobs. Fatoumatta credits the Fellowship with giving her the knowledge, skills, and experience to transform lives in her community.

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