Fily Keita

2018 Fellow from Mali

Fily Keita has a robust background in volunteerism and community service. Fily is the founder and CEO of Agrowomen, a social venture aiming to empower women and girls through agribusiness, specifically sesame farming, in Mali. Fily is also the gender and vulnerable groups intern at ACDI/VOCA. After participating in the 2016 United National Alliance of Civilizations Young Peacebuilders conference in West Africa, she started Empower4Peace, educating sixteen students in peacebuilding, conflict analysis, and intercultural dialogue. Fily holds a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Arts and Humanities in Bamako. Passionate about community development, Fily is the vice-president of Talibés Lives Matter, the co-founder of Women's Network Kati, the administrative secretary of YDAAM, and a member of the English Practice Club. She is a YALI Connect Camp and YALI Dakar Regional Leadership Center alumna. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she plans to implement Agrowomen to contribute to rural development in Mali through women's and girls' economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, leadership, and mentoring.

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