Gambah Labopou Kpante

2016 Fellow from Togo

Gambah Labopou Kpante has over eight years of experience in various fields of food processing and the social development sector. Labopou co-founded Chocotogo, a handmade-chocolate cooperative, which is the first beans-to-the-bar cocoa-processing company in Togo. In this role she focuses on directing the production, doing new experiences and working on administrative issues. She also founded a group for teen girls and participates in the training of women and girls on cocoa farms. Labopou holds a Bachelor of Arts in Project Management and is preparing for another in Sociology. In her studies she focused on planning, writing up, and managing projects, as well as the contracting process in both government and public enterprises. After the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Labopou plans to continue her work in agribusiness and extend it to other fields.

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