Gcina Petros Thembinkosi Dlamini

2018 Fellow from Eswatini

Gcina Dlamini is the co-founder and CEO of Smiling Through Investments (STIN). STIN is an agribusiness company specializing in the legume seed and bean value addition industries. In 2015, under Gcina's leadership, STIN pioneered the first annual national agribusiness fair and school festival, where more than 500 youth received training on agribusiness. Gcina also won the Coca-Cola Kickstart grant for STIN in 2016 and represented STIN at the 2018 Pitch@ Palace Commonwealth in London. Gcina holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management from the University of Swaziland. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Gcina will continue to pursue her passion, promoting agribusiness as a sustainable approach to food security in Africa.

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