Golden Maunganidze

2016 Fellow from Zimbabwe

Golden Maunganidze has over ten years' experience working in the Zimbabwean media industry. He currently lectures in the department of Media and Cultural Studies at Great Zimbabwe University (GZU), where he teaches practical journalism courses. Before joining GZU, Golden worked as a journalist and editor of community newspapers in Masvingo. He won several journalistic awards for using the media to develop his community. Golden is also director of Zimbabwe's fastest-growing regional newspaper, TellZim News, and he is a board member of the Community Tolerance, Reconciliation and Development Trust (COTRAD), a civic organization based in Masvingo province. Golden holds a master's degree in Media and Society Studies and is currently pursuing his PhD. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Golden aims to strengthen community development using both social media and TellZim News newspaper.

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