Grady Hart

Reciprocal Exchange Participant in Mauritius

As a skilled systems and design thinker, relationship builder, and project manager with more than eight years of professional experience in the K-12 and Higher Education sector, Grady thrives as a leader in fast-paced and complex work environments. Grady currently serves as the Head of Community Partnerships for Richmond Public Schools in Richmond, Virginia, reporting to the Chief Engagement Officer. In this role, he manages a team of dedicated professionals to serve as a doorway for community members and organizations to support RPS's 25,000 students and their families. Grady is driven to ensure that every student in RPS has access to the same opportunities that he had to succeed, and to influence a healing process that is centuries overdue - as a result, he is dedicated to engaging the most underserved community stakeholders as co-creators in identifying, designing, and testing innovative solutions to complex challenges in order to make communities a better place for everyone to live, work, and play. Prior to coming to Richmond Public Schools, Grady studied International Affairs and Political Science at James Madison University, where he also later earned his Masters in Public Administration. After that, he served for four years as the Program Coordinator for VCU ASPiRE, where he taught about the history of Richmond and led students on service experiences throughout the city while building strong relationships with community members, nonprofit, public, and for profit organizations. While at VCU, he also earned his Masters in Business Administration and took advantage of myriad other responsibilities on top of his full time role, including teaching and community organizing.

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