Hezouwe Moise Akebim

2017 Fellow from Togo

Hezouwe Moise Akebim is a six-year experienced justice and human rights activist, turned toward human rights education with Amnesty International Togo. President and co-founder in 2014 of Association Justice Accessible Togo (AJA-Togo), providing free legal advice and assistance to women and the destitute, he advocates for gender equality and commits to an inclusive development. Hezouwe is engaged as a volunteer teacher, preacher, interpreter, and translator with many NGOs such as Adonai Partners Inc., where they conduct medical and evangelical outreaches to the unreached. He is an Assemblies of God Church trained lay preacher who is very active both in his community and corporation working on projects to eradicate injustice and human rights abuses and promote rural populations' trainings and information with AJA-Togo and Amnesty International Togo. With four years experience as a legal professional, Hezouwe is the incumbent Secretary General of the Togolese Court Clerks' National Union (SNGT), where they work for the improvement of living and working conditions by initiating and implementing union actions. Upon completion of the fellowship, Hezouwe intends to step up his work for women's effective access to justice which is pivotal to an inclusive development.

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