Hope Wakio Mwanake

2014 Fellow from Kenya

Hope Mwanake is the co-founder of Trace Kenya Group, a vibrant community based organization that works with young people in addressing solid waste management issues in Gilgil, Nakuru County. She has over four years of experience as Project Leader for environment conservation at the grassroots level. She is an EIA/EA expert, member of Eastern Africa Water Association, and has been trained in project management by the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS. She won the Presidential Gold award for young people in 2010, MTV Staying Alive Foundation grant award in 2011, and RSSAF Green grant for environment in 2012. Hope holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science from UNESCO-IHE Netherlands and Bachelor of Science (Hons) from Egerton University where she also lectures on a part time basis. Upon completion of the Washington Fellowship, she plans to start a recycling venture making compost from organic waste, glass tiles from glass, and plastic poles from discarded polyethene bags and plastics. She also aims to mobilize many young people into social entrepreneurship as a means of livelihood throughout Kenya.

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