Immanuel Akhimien

2016 Fellow from Nigeria

Charles Immanuel Akhimien is the co-founder of MOBicure, producers of the multi-award-winning OMOMI mobile app platform. MOBicure is a social enterprise providing mobile technology solutions in healthcare for Nigeria and other developing nations. Charles is the head of operations and is tasked with staff recruitment, marketing, and organizing medical outreaches for rural communities. He has represented Nigeria at two Global Entrepreneurship Summits: in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2013, and in Marrakech, Morocco, in 2014. He has over seven years of experience working in the public health sector, starting from his medical school days. He received his medical degree from the School of Medicine of the University of Benin. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Charles plans to continue his work in MOBicure, with a focus on ensuring that OMOMI expands to reach even more people.

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