Jabulani Bhekile Lee Roy Sibanda

Field of Study: Business

Cohort: 2019

Country: Zimbabwe

Leadership Institute: The University of Texas at Austin

Jabulani Sibanda has over ten years of experience in the creative design sector, helping companies tell visually compelling stories to raise the profile of their brands. He is currently the lead creative designer at the TechVillage and founder of Panthera Design. Jabulani is also the co-creator and program officer for Mutambo League, a community of game developers and enthusiasts. His work with the Mutambo league is growing the gaming industry in Zimbabwe, an untapped market with enormous potential. As a passionate gamer, Jabulani believes this industry has the potential to add value to communities, by turning a hobby and passion, into potential jobs. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Jabulani aims to convene the various stakeholders within the gaming industry and help forge a clearer and more profitable path for this sector in Africa.