Jacquiline Amongin

2017 Fellow from Uganda

Jacquiline Amongin has over 6 years' experience as a legislator in the Parliament of Uganda and is Uganda's representative to the African Union Pan African Parliament. She is also a founder of an NGO, Amongin Jacquiline Hope Development Foundation (AJAHFOD), focusing on empowering rural communities of Eastern Uganda on areas of education, health, hygiene, access to water sanitation as well as addressing climate change and economic empowerment. She holds a bachelor's degree in Environment Management from Makerere University Kampala. She is ambitious to replicate good practices to improve on the legislative framework of Uganda, especially in areas of environmental sustainability, cultural issues such as addressing girl child education, and general improvement on the rural infrastructure set up to be environment complaint. She is passionate about networking with other like-minded personalities, entities, organizations, and international bodies in achieving her objectives.

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