James Papy Kwabo Jr

2019 Fellow from Liberia

James Papy Kwabo Jr. has more than ten years' experience in media and communications. Currently, James is founder and chief executive officer at Alternative Youth Radio in Zorzor, Liberia. James also mentors young people in the areas of radio broadcasting, advocacy, program production and presentations, and community volunteerism. He initiated a scholarship program in 2018 that benefits secondary students in his community. Several of the beneficiaries have completed secondary education and are now pursuing higher education. James graduated Magna Cum Laude from United Methodist University with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis on Broadcasting. He is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree in Public Sector Management at Cuttington University. James is passionate about helping rural young people. He hopes to expand Alternative Youth Radio to include a newspaper, a printing press, a television station, online news outlets, and magazines, thereby enabling him to provide youth access to information, hands-on media training, and employment opportunities. He wants the business to be a platform for community storytelling, youth dialogue, community building, and leadership enhancement. A 2019 Mandela Washington Fellow, James credits the Fellowship with helping him expand his network and teaching him how to mobilize local resources.

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