Janice Soraia Fortes Da Graca

2019 Fellow from Cabo Verde

Janice da Graça has more than nine years of experience working to develop communities by using education, social intervention, and art. Currently, Janice is founder and chief executive officer of Verbum Tactus, an organization that focuses on personal and professional development through education, art, literature, and mindfulness. Her more than eight years of volunteer work prior to establishing Verbum Tactus seasoned her skills in volunteer mobilization and management, empowerment, advocacy, and inclusion programming. She is currently a member of the Youth Consultation Committee, which supports the prime minister of Cabo Verde. Janice is also president of the African Youth and Adolescents Network–Cabo Verde. Janice holds a master’s degree in Social Policy and has completed postgraduate work in Art Education. Janice is committed to helping people find the best version of themselves and working collaboratively for sustainable development. A 2019 Mandela Washington Fellow, Janice credits the Fellowship with developing her business mindset, giving her the ability not only to change the world but to make a living out of it.

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