Joel Dungula Senguindi Tchombasi

2015 Fellow from Angola

Joel Dungula Tchombasi has over ten years' experience in non-profit organization activism, particularly in albinos' empowerment and protection. Currently, Joel has founded Fraternidade Albinística, a non-governmental organization which strives to empower and equip young albinos with essential life-skills as well as protect them from society's negative attitude, discrimination, and humiliation by overcoming barriers that hinder them from enjoying human rights. His main focus has been on imparting essential life-skills to young albinos, including problem-solving, communication, time management, learning , computer, English language, and creativity skills so that they can be successful in their personal life, as well as in their future careers. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Joel plans to continue his work in the empowerment and protection of albinos with a focus on essential life skills development and advocacy for albinos' civic and human rights.

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