Katlego Mokgethi

2022 Fellow from Botswana

Katlego Mokgethi has seven years of business and entrepreneurship experience.  Katlego is the founder and executive director of Market Players, a Botswana-based entrepreneurship support organization. For three years, Market Players has been working to improve the competitiveness of nearly 400 small and medium-sized enterprises across the African Continental Free Trade Area.  More than 80% of the entrepreneurs supported by Market Players are young people and women under 35. In addition to holding an associate degree in accounting, Katlego is a certified social innovator and real estate practitioner. Katlego believes that entrepreneurship and innovation can help Africa develop effectively and quickly, thus she focuses her efforts on training young African entrepreneurs and improving their access to markets, funding, and investment opportunities. Katlego credits the Mandela Washington Fellowship for her organization's newly appointed board members whom she met through the Fellowship's Alumni Network, as well as her recently established youth entrepreneurship hub at Botswana's largest and most prestigious higher education institution, the University of Botswana.

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