Kulukaya Sadiki

2021 Fellow from Malawi

Kulukaya Sadiki has 14 years of experience in marketing and credit, five years of experience in social entrepreneurship, and five years of experience in humanitarian work. Currently, Kulukaya is marketing strategist with the Housing Investment and Development Cooperative and ensures that Malawian citizens have access to cost-effective land and housing services. She also owns Glo-Ray Designs Sustainable Studio, which uses environmentally safe fabric to create long-lasting trends that delay disposal and minimize pollution. Kulukaya is the founder and project leader of Ladies of Influence, a charitable organization that addresses sustainable development in the health, education, and business sectors through humanitarian efforts focused on girls and women. She has an advanced diploma from the Association of Business Executives and a bachelor's degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, and is pursuing a diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketers. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Kulukaya plans to use her new knowledge to continue making a difference in her community.

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