Lalita Devi Purbhoo Junggee

2017 Fellow from Mauritius

With the increasing focus on environmental sustainability and finding new ways to recycle and upcycle the things we produce in society, there is a new wave of eco-entrepreneurs emerging on the African continent. Lalita Purbho-Junggee (Anousha) is one of them, taking her knowledge and expertise in the world of print and production for the advertising and marketing sectors, and harnessing it to find new ways of turning advertising waste into a new sustainable enterprise. With both of her business ventures, she is a great example of a new generation of innovative entrepreneurs emerging from Mauritius who are looking to make money and make a difference. She is a multi-award winner in the world of business; including the 2017 winner of WeAreTheCity Rising Star award in Entrepreneurship category, 2017 Corporate Star Award in Mauritius, and is listed among the 100 most influential women of Mauritius for 2017 and the 100 Golden Women of Africa by Women4Africa in 2016.

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