Lineo Judith Tsikoane

2015 Fellow from Lesotho

Lineo Tsikoane is an experienced human rights lawyer and activist. She has been a prominent proponent of human rights, in particular women and children's rights in Lesotho, for over fourteen years starting out as a child representative for both Lesotho and Africa. She is currently the director for Lesotho's first and only public interest litigation center, with a particular focus on rural community's rights and representation in development. She volunteers her time and skills to promote youth participation and protection of the rights of the vulnerable, with particular interest in the LGBTI community in Lesotho, women, and children. She holds a Master's degree in International Human Rights Law and Practice from the University of York, England. Lineo intends to come back to Lesotho and further impact the human rights context of Lesotho, to implement a successful legal empowerment program, and advocate for the protection of human rights for all.

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