Lydia Moyo

2023 Fellow from Tanzania

Lydia Charles Moyo has more than 10 years of experience working with women and girls to promote economic empowerment and to influence sexual reproductive health and rights outcomes. Lydia is founder and executive director of Her Initiative, which focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty and promoting financial resilience among women and girls in Tanzania. She is founder and lead of Panda Digital Platform, the first Swahili hybrid e-learning platform for skills development and links to resources for women entrepreneurs. She has worked with Femina Hip as a radio and TV presenter to promote youth healthy lifestyles, economic empowerment, and citizen engagement. She was also the leader of the Girl Power Team, which led menstrual hygiene campaigns throughout Tanzania. Lydia holds a bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Advertising. Lydia is passionate about helping others realize their dreams and aiding women and girls to choose and create opportunities for themselves without being limited by poverty, families, or communities. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Lydia hopes to invest in accelerating job creation and technology for young women and girls and to develop youth-led funding that will support initiatives for women's and girls' rights.

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