Matthew M Fred

Field of Study: Civic Engagement

Cohort: 2014

Country: Liberia

Leadership Institute: The Presidential Precinct

As a Global Rights Activist and Journalist, Matthew has been working for over 5 years to resolve conflict and discrimination issues among tribal communities in Liberia. He presently serves as Executive Director of the Youth Against Tribalism in Africa (YATIA-Africa), a peacebuilding and human rights organization striving to eradicate tribalism on the continent. Matthew focuses on mentoring rural communities, youths and elders in peace-building skills in order usher change and curtail and resolve issues pertaining to conflict, human rights, and discrimination in their communities. With much passion for peace building and resolving conflict, Matthew is committed to peace building through technology, community arts, and participatory research. This, he thinks will enable YATIA to enforce its advocacy, awareness and mentorship to address ethnicity and religious discrimination, human rights violations, and conflict-related issues. Matthew believes these issues are economically, socially, religiously, physically and emotionally restraining Africa's economic growth and development and hopes to help solve them with YATIA. Matthew is a 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow and currently serves as the Project/Program Manager elected by the Mandela Washington Fellowship in Liberia.