Mwanga Simwanda

2016 Fellow from Zambia

Mwanga Simwanda, a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, leads the Zambian Alliance for Empowered Communities (ZAFEC), an organization she cofounded to create solutions for health inequities in Zambia. Central to Mwanga’s approach is the empowerment of local communities. ZAFEC develops data-driven solutions to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other health disparities identified in communities. Through ZAFEC, Mwanga is able to empower leadership, influence HIV policy, and strengthen local health systems. ZAFEC develops programs to prevent HIV transmission and achieve epidemic control, enables local health providers to effectively and compassionately care for people infected with HIV/AIDS, gives hope to those infected, and works to eliminate the stigma associated with living with HIV. Mwanga has managed to open two safe spaces in high-volume HIV sites, allowing girls access to a range of health care services.

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