Nangamso Koza

2015 Fellow from South Africa

Nangamso has over six years' experience in youth, educational, and community development. She was born in Hewu in the Eastern Cape and single-handedly established Inqubela Foundation, an education-focused charitable trust that develops schools in developing communities into leading centers of academic excellence and leadership development. Since its inception, the foundation has served over 2,000 learners and over 28 schools and offers one-of-a-kind leadership and literacy development programs. Their flagship program, Intsika YeSizwe Fellowship has turned ordinary citizens into thought-leaders passionate about Africa's development. Nangamso is a published author, an experienced researcher, and program designer. Through her research and publications company, Umthawelanga she plans on publishing more on African history and philosophy. Upon her return, Nangamso plans on expanding the Inqubela Foundation into at self-sustaining trust and to reach out to more schools in the Eastern Cape.

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