Oscar Andres Nchaso Bekari

Field of Study: Business

Cohort: 2016

Country: Equatorial Guinea

Leadership Institute: Lincoln University

Oscar Nchaso is an MBA, Economist, writer, speaker. Author of the book DREAMS Co-owner and Managing Director of Xapiens Business Consulting. He is well known for speaking in different languages, including Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese.

The professional invites through his talks to think or reflect on topics as current and necessary as the management of uncertainty, assertiveness for decision making, strategic vision, active listening to the environment and attitudes to achieve success; the development of personal leadership and teamwork.

NCHASO has worked as a public relations manager at a Chinese construction company, a consultant at the United Nations in Equatorial Guinea, and a project manager of the first business guidebook of his country. He is currently based in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea offering precise business consulting services business intermediation for both national and international companies.

Currently creating DREAMS HUB, a space in his community to gather the youth and their eco friendly ideas and solutions in this prominent tech era.