Paballo Dynah Mokoqo

2017 Fellow from Lesotho

Paballo Mokoqo has over three years of experience as a startup entrepreneur specifically focusing on social and economic development of women in Lesotho. Paballo currently works as a Founding Director for Dust Busters Home Cleaning Services (DBHCS), a domestic cleaning company in Lesotho, whose aim is to professionalize domestic cleaning services and also to serve as a tool to curb the high unemployment rate. Paballo primarily works with disenfranchised women who were not absorbed into the job market due to lack of formal education or training. Paballo is a Political Science and Public Administration graduate from National University of Lesotho. She is currently studying Interior Design with a view to add interior design component to her business. Paballo is a strong believer in the significant role women can play in the socioeconomic growth of their nations and she is committed to contributing to the development and growth of institutions that aim to empower women economically. Paballo's dream is to see a Lesotho (an Africa) where opportunities are free for all, and personal effort is what determines a person's fate. Upon completion of Mandela Washington Fellowship, Paballo plans to continue her work in empowering women through training and creation of vast work opportunities.

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