Racheal Mpiriirwe

2018 Fellow from Uganda

Rachael Mpiriirwe is a youth activist with five years' experience working with youth to advocate for good governance. Currently, Rachael is a team leader of Youth Initiatives for Peace Building, an organization which promotes peace through conflict resolution, economic empowerment, and good governance. She aspires to shape the future of public management as a legislator in parliament. Rachael intends to involve more youth in policy decision-making processes by creating platforms for youth to run for political office. Currently, many youth are locked out of the process due to the monetization of politics in Uganda. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Rachael plans to continue building a network of economically empowered and informed youth who will become effective political leaders, speaking volumes through their community development actions. With this aspiration, she hopes to run for elected office in 2021, along with other young people, and change the course of politics and public service in Uganda.

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