Ragnanguenewinde Frederic Compaore

Field of Study: Business

Cohort: 2017

Country: Burkina Faso

Leadership Institute: Drake University

Frédéric Compaoré, an engineer specializing in environmental and water management issues, is a Ph.D. candidate in Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in his native Burkina Faso, with emphasis on schistosomiasis and other water-related diseases. Since 2014, he has managed his own business, Sustainable Development Artisan, offering sanitation and public health services as well as environmental risk assessment. A 2017 Mandela Washington Fellow, Frédéric is a member of several organizations, including Youth Network for Integration in Africa, Lions’ Club Ouagadougou Esperance, Ancient Troops Children Association, and National Coordination of Youth for Environment and Climate. Through these organizations, Frederic works to promote tolerance, environmental protection, health education, and sustainable development.