Redempter Mukunzi Batete

2015 Fellow from Rwanda

Redempter Batete Dem has over 12 years' experience in youth, gender, and social development work in the public, UN and, non-government sectors. Currently director of gender promotion at the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, her major focus is on coordinating the development and implementation of gender equality laws, policies and international gender equality commitments, building capacity of the sector as well as advocacy and resource mobilization for gender equality. Redempter has volunteered in rescue and refugee support for women and children, and currently volunteers in her local community where she trains women and youth on civic values and patriotism, as well as teaches children about Christian values. Redempter holds a Master's degree in Gender Studies. Upon completion of the Fellowship, she plans to continue her work with in public service but will dedicate more time to mentoring young people.

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