Ronnie Otieno

2022 Fellow from Kenya

Ronnie Brian Otieno has more than seven years of experience in finance, administration, and entrepreneurship facilitation and training. Currently, Ronnie is chief finance officer at Venus Kenya Sacco. He is also interim director of finance and administration at the Africa Youth Union Commission, Kenya Chapter, where he trains, coaches, and mentors youth and women who have no collateral and little to no formal education about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and market links. In addition, Ronnie has more than 10 years' experience advocating against child labor and gender-based violence. Ronnie holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management (Finance and Banking). Because of his commitment to service and community, he was named Young Male Leader of the Year by the county government of Kisumu. Ronnie is motivated by his desire to inspire, empower, and revolutionize the lives of young people. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Ronnie plans to incorporate the skills gained to expand his activities to better address the daily challenges of young people.

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