Sabelo Comfort Mlangeni

2018 Fellow from Eswatini

Sabelo Mlangeni has more than seven years’ experience in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Currently, Sabelo is founder and program director of Beyond the Walls, a program that promotes gender equality and empowerment, social inclusion, and human rights and dignity for women in prisons. He is committed to making quality education a human right and feels that no one should be barred from attaining it. Beyond the Walls is based on his belief that prison walls should not determine the future of those within the walls and that everyone should receive a second chance regardless of background. Sabelo studied Technical Education at the University of Eswatini. He credits the Mandela Washington Fellowship, which he received in 2018, with building his communication and project management skills and exposing him to global advocacy networks so that he can more effectively promote women’s rights.

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